Film and Video Transfers

  • Film Transfers: 16mm with optical sound or MOS, 8mm and Super8.
    • Contact us to transfer your historic films to a MP4, other digital file or disc.
  • Video Duplication and Conversions: VHS, Mini-DV, DV Cam, DVD, Betacam SP Digital Beta and 3/4″ tape to any digital file format including Quicktime, MP4, MPEG and more.
    • Affordable rates to transfer your videotapes to a MP4, other digital file or disc.
  • Audio Transfers: Reel to reel or 1/4″ audio tape and audio cassettes to wav or MP3.

Contact us at to get a free quote.

Put our years of film and video experience to work to preserve your greatest assets, your history. Transfer your aging library of films, video and audio tapes today.

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