Big League Productions is always looking for experienced camera operators, editors, script writers, sound and lighting technicians as professional independent contractors. Please submit as much information as possible below and, upon review, we will be in touch with you.
I affirm that (a) I advertise or otherwise affirmatively hold myself out as being in business; (b) I maintain my own office and use my own equipment or materials in performing the services; (c) I am free to operate under multiple contracts with one or more employing units to perform specific services; (d) I incur the main expenses related to the services that I perform under the contract; (e) I am obligated to redo unsatisfactory work for no additional compensation or am subject to a monetary penalty for unsatisfactory work; (f) the services I perform do not directly relate to the employing unit retaining the services; (g) I may realize a profit or suffer a loss under contracts to perform such services; (h) I have recurring business liabilities or obligations; and (i) I am not economically dependent upon a particular employing unit with respect to the services being performed.
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